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Buddha-Bar Beats


For pre-dinner or after dinner drinks, enjoy the delicious cocktails by Buddha-bar beach Abu Dhabi team. From the most classic to the most inventive, the cocktails are made with products that come from the 4 corners of the world, in line with the latest international trends. Not to mention the delicious alcohol-free mocktails made with fresh fruits, 100% organic floral water, vegetables.

The best is yet to come when the delicate art of selection gives way to the precious pleasure of tasting.

Chilling out in the abode of buddha-bar mixologist is sure to take your spirits to higher levels.

Buddha-Bar Beats

Time stands still
A sense of yearning is felt
Exclusivity thrives for only the most discerning are called
Day and Night is divided. Each has its own realm
Here, the moments stand still
And with Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi, anything is possible!

As the sun goes down, listen to live entertainment by our resident Dj Bambina
Dj Bambina
Buddha Bar Beach Call to Reserve: +971 2 498 88 88
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